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RFID technology is already used for events such as exhibitions, conferences, concert to capture the participant's attendance, duration of stay as well as to collect marketing data for further analysis.

It is accuracy and faster the check-in process, no need to reply on manually counting.

  • Enhanced information sharing through Internet
  • Increase market exposure of organization/brand via other media such as Facebook
  • Instant guest attendance data of event
  • Enhancing interaction between guests and organization/brand


   Testimonial by client - Johnnie Walker   

Our company decided to select RSS as our service provider for our Johnnie Walker Event in Dec 2012 after evaluating several RFID solution provider…… They delivered quality service within a very short time period is very much appreciated. They handled the event entrance and photo booths with RFID technology very well and it was very smooth without any issue. I am very impressed with their service and I am sure I will work with them again in future. " – COO of the event organizer for Johnnie Walker “WHERE FLAVOUR IS KING” event 2012


  • RFID wristband to replace paper ticket
  • Event check-in with Facebook integration
  • Instant photo booth with Facebook integration


For details, please contact our specialist at 852-23698181 or marketing@rfidsystemsupplies.com


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